2024 Annual July 4th Boat Parade
Boats start to line up off the Point at the Cottages and McWain Point. Heading out for a slow circle of the lake starting at 4:00pm. Spectators along the shore are invited to cheer the boats. This is always a fun event.

2024 July 4th Fireworks
Jared and Matt G Pyrotechnics are planning another aerial display of fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July. This celebration will start at 9:15 PM out over the lake. Note that this is much safer for you and the community than igniting fireworks on your property.

All are encouraged to donate to the fireworks. As in the past 100% of the donations are given to the Waterford Congregational Church to go to “local friends in need” to assist with Thanksgiving baskets, home heating oil fund, and other worthy causes for our local neighbors that need assistance in some way. This fund is supervised by the Waterford Congregational Church, with assistance of the Town of Waterford. Please feel free to donate to a great cause. No donation money goes towards the fireworks, we get the fireworks 100% donated by Matt G. Pyrotechnics each year.

Donation checks for the “Fireworks display” are made out to:
Arlene Whichard
PO Box 13
Waterford ME 04088
In the memo on check please write: fireworks / friends in need

2024 Annual Meeting
Saturday, July 15, 10:00 AM to noon
Birch Rock Camp, off of McWain Hill Road

Friends in Need donations can also be hand delivered at the annual meeting.