The McWain Pond Association is a group of homeowners on or near the shores of McWain Pond in Waterford, Maine. Our primary goals are to preserve the water quality of the pond and the gentle quality of the environment around the pond for future generations.

The association is deeply involved with the activities of the Lakes Environmental Association (LEA). Our most significant project is the Watershed Survey which was approved and implemented with the generous support of many State and local agencies.

2023 Annual July 4th Boat Parade has been cancelled!
Cancellation is due to the very high-water conditions.  The wave action would be detrimental to the shoreline and docks, many of which are nearly underwater.

2023 Annual Meeting
Saturday, July 15, 10:00 AM to noon
Birch Rock Camp, off of McWain Hill Road

Read the July 2023 newsletter.

LEA 2023 winter McWain pond condition report

A Bit of McWain’s Glacial Legacy and Our Sticky Bottom by Earl Morse (Link Here)

McWain Pond September 2010 Plant Survey Report

Before undertaking changes or activities that modify land within the 100-foot shoreline buffer zone, it is recommended one read the Shoreland Code first and then call Colin Holme at LEA.  Colin knows how the code is being interpreted.  For example concepts like “limbing trees” are not too clear to most folks.

We want our shoreline to be protected and our residents to be safe and sure that the Shoreland Code is not being violated and they are not being exposed to enforcement procedures.

PO Box 58
Waterford, ME 04088

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