Invasive Plants

The First McWain Pond Plant Survey

In early September 2010, the Whichard family, Arlene, Jared, and Bruce along with Earl Morse performed the first survey of McWain Pond looking for invasive plants. Here is Earl’s fine report on the findings.

Be on the lookout!

We need yours eyes in the water. Earl Morse has compiled this handy guide to invasive plants that we should all be looking for. The simple 2-page guide is here.

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers

The Maine watercraft registration, has been required since 2002 for all motorized watercraft on inland waters. The McWain Pond Association encourages boat owners to register their boats at the Waterford town office which includes the invasive plants program sticker. The proceeds from this sticker is what is paying for the staff that is checking boats across the state. It is important to support this program to limit the risk of seeing one of these invasive plants in our pond.