Watershed Survey

The McWain Pond Association conducted a survey in the McWain Pond watershed to identify erosion sources. Partners in the project include the Town of Waterford, Lakes Environmental Association (LEA), Portland Water District, Birch Rock Camp, Camp Waziyatah, and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

Soil erosion from the land carries phosphorus into lakes, which feeds algae blooms that ruin swimming, boating, fishing and water quality. Severe algae blooms often result in decreased shoreline property values, which is a loss to the town’s tax base.

The watershed survey was voluntary and the date in the report will NOT be used for enforcement. The goals of the survey are to protect land and water quality by locating erosion problems, making recommendations to fix them, and working cooperatively with landowners to implement solutions.

A watershed is the land that drains to a lake by streams, seeps, springs and ground water flow. McWain Pond’s watershed encompasses 2,505 acres. Activities in the watershed that take place far from the lakeshore can contribute eroding soil to the lake. That is why we looked at the entire watershed.

The Watershed Survey report is here.